SAFE Act Registered Employee List



SAFE Act Registered WEOKIE employees.


One purpose of the SAFE Act is to increase consumer protection by allowing consumers access to mortgage loan originator information with whom they wish to conduct business. You may access information at the nationwide mortgage licensing registry at


WEOKIE Federal Credit Union
NMLS ID # 442689
Box 26090
Oklahoma City, OK 73126

Employee Name NMLS ID
Christiana Albers 794757
Nicole Buell 1461467
Dona Cartwright 445832
Mike Dupuis 1789900
Elizabeth Griffith 618994
Jerrad Hacker 892244
Mary Howard 445810
Kim Keith 445734
Camelia McHenry 617341
Kelly Childers 1837320
Dawn A Neu 233592
Jennifer Garner 1403143
Devin Phillips 197085
Doyle Province 402499
Karen Sigler 686721
Le Tran 443020
Lyric Smith 443020
Shannon Combs 1891279
Mayra Alvarez 1896248
Kelby Long 1950970

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