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Certificate accounts are available in many terms and have a worry-free auto-renewal feature. Open with a minimum $1,000 deposit and they are eligible for traditional and Roth IRA status. 

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 We set a savings goal for our dream vacation two years ago when we opened a certificate. We just returned and it was incredible! Thanks for making our dream a reality.  ---Sandra B.

 Special, limited time, new money only offers for Certificate Accounts and IRA Certificates. 

Term APY $100,000+
18 Month 2.86% 2.86%

(New money only, transfers from existing WEOKIE accounts not allowed, $10,000 minimum, institutional funds limited to $500,000, will adjust to closest regular term upon renewal, other restrictions may apply)


Regular rates for Certificate Accounts and IRA Certificates

Term APY $100,000+
3 Month 1.26% 1.36%
6 Month 1.46% 1.56%
12 Month 1.61% 1.71%
24 Month 2.12% 2.22%
30 Month 2.12% 2.22%
36 Month 2.38% 2.48%
48 Month 2.63% 2.73%
60 Month 2.78% 2.89
APY = Annual Percentage Yield.  APY is accurate as of 10-18-18. Fee Schedule associated with deposit accounts. 

Certificate Accounts: Minimum $1,000 deposit required.  A dividend penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal.

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