Visa Credit Cards

Choose a credit card that is right for you


Enjoy 2.99% APR for balance transfers, cash advances and purchases for your first six months. 

No annual fees! 


Preferred rate 

This card option offers the best rate available. Rates are as low as 7.9% APR*.


Cash back 

Enjoy 1% cash back on all new purchases. Rates are still very competitive and as low as 9.9% APR*.



Earn reward points that can be redeemed for merchandise and travel. Rates are very attractive.

APPLY NOW Quick and easy online application.

 *Your card rate will be based on your credit history. The APR on each card for new purchases and cash advances is listed on this chart. 


Card security in your control

Download the mobile app that allows you to control credit card usage on the go. Turn your credit card  "on" or "off" anytime. The App helps safeguard your card from fraud as you can define areas where your card can be used, limit purchases by the type of merchant, and set limits on transaction amounts.

Change your settings, giving you complete control over your credit card.

Download the App SecurLOCK Equip for your credit card.  

Securlock App

Lost or stolen card information 

If you believe your card or PIN has been lost or stolen, please call one of the numbers listed below.

During normal business hours:  (405) 235-3030

After Hours Reporting:
Check Cards: 1-800-617-3775
Visa Credit Cards: 1-800-991-4961


International travel using your Visa card

If you are traveling outside the country call: (405) 235-3030

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