Card Security Made Easy

Safeguard your cards from fraud.

Manage Your WEOKIE Debit Cards Anytime, Anywhere with CardControl. 

Beginning January 6th, WEOKIE will be changing from CardValet to CardControl. 

ATTN: Due to our recent Mobile Banking App upgrade from CardValet to CardControl, you may have to reset your biometrics login method for the app (face, fingerprint, voice, etc. ID recognition).

CardControl is an easier way to manage your cards & alerts directly from your WEOKIE Mobile Banking App. Using only one login (your WEOKIE username and password), the now integrated CardControl helps you to more easily:

  • Turn your WEOKIE debit cards on and off instantly — perfect if you’re not quite sure where a card is
  • Prevent fraudulent activity by setting controls on transaction types, locations, and merchant types where your card can be used
  • Get real-time alerts when types of transactions you specify take place
  • Set dollar limits for transactions and receive alerts when those limits are being reached — no more worrying about going over budget
  • Review and categorize usage of transactions on your debit cards
  • Works in tandem with the WEOKIE mobile banking app — you must already be using the WEOKIE mobile app to download and use the Card Control app

New User? Start Using CardControl
Current CardValet User? Make the Switch from CardValet to CardControl - its EASY!


Visa Credit Card security in your control

Download the mobile app that allows you to control credit card usage on the go. Turn your credit card  "on" or "off" anytime. The App helps safeguard your card from fraud as you can define areas where your card can be used, limit purchases by the type of merchant, and set limits on transaction amounts.

Change your settings, giving you complete control over your credit card.

Download the App SecurLOCK Equip for your credit card.  

Securlock App