Open a Savings Account

To Open a Savings Account:

A $5 minimum deposit is required. This must remain in your savings account at all times.

  • Complete the entire application.
  • If opening a joint account, complete all joint owner information as shown. If not, skip this section.
  • Complete beneficiary information if opening a single-party account. For a joint account, complete beneficiary information if desired.
  • Sign and date where indicated; have joint owner sign if applicable.

To verify your signature, please include a photocopy of your driver's license (no state IDs). If adding a joint owner, please include a photocopy of their driver's license.


Account Application

Ready to Start Saving? Open an account online in minutes. 

For application by mail, send the application, photocopy of your ID and $5 to WEOKIE's main address. For safety purposes, please do not mail cash.

WEOKIE Federal Credit Union
PO Box 26090
Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0090

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