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FREE Financial Webinars

WEOKIE provides a variety of informative financial webinars for FREE to the public.





Looking for a roadmap to help reach your financial goals?

Free, educational webinars offering simple strategies to get you on the right financial path.

WEOKIE believes that education is crucial to making good financial decisions. To help you stay well informed on a variety of financial topics, we offer a variety of free educational webinars. Attendees will be eligible for a special offer at the end of each webinar.


Debt Management Webinar

Looking to ditch your debt? WEOKIE's free webinar will help you understand your options for managing and minimizing your debt.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding debt and the various types
  • Where to start to reduce your own debt
  • Personalized debt tool
  • Personalized follow-up with a professional
  • Special offers for completing the Webinar

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"I had been living paycheck to paycheck never able to save any money and only able to pay the minimum on my credit cards. It wasn’t until I attended Tabatha’s webinar that gave me hope that I could change my financial future. She was able to consolidate all my debts into one with a lower interest rate, help me save $4,000 in interest, and get a set payoff date! I am so grateful for her and Rigo! I am on my way to being debt free!"


My husband and I had been swimming in credit card debt and felt like we were getting to the point of drowning.  I attended the FREE Debt Reduction seminar and something that Tabatha said during that helped me to realize that I could change the credit card debt into a loan on a vehicle that we had paid off.  Now I have condensed a couple of credit cards into a car payment and I have 3.49% interest and a set date to have it all paid off.  It will help us so we aren't using all of our money to pay interest and feel like we are never gaining ground.  I can't thank her and Rigo enough for all of their help. 


 “I recently attended the FREE Debt Reduction seminar and WEOKIE helped me refinance my  vehicle and credit cards and it changed the entire financial picture for my family. I am able to use the savings each month to save for college for my children!”     




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