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Fee Schedule

Effective as of  02/01/20

Membership Savings $5.00 par value, which will remain on deposit for life of your membership.
Savings Account Fees
Membership Savings
Special Savings
Silver Savings
Smart Savers
Money Market
$1.00 per withdrawal
in excess of three (3) withdrawals per month
Inactive Account Fee $2.00 per month
Check Cashing Fee $5.00 per transaction if no additional
funds account
Short Term Account Close Fee $15.00
(Within 12 months of opening)
Checking Account Fees
NSF Fee/Courtesy Pay $27.50 per item
Inactive Account Fee $2.00 per month
Returned 3rd Party Item Fee $10.00 per item
Returned 3rd Party Business (non-commercial account) $10.00 per item
Returned Item Fee $10.00 per item
Stop Payment Fee, Checking $27.50 per request
Stop Payment Fee, ACH Draft $27.50 per request
Check Printing Fee Prices may vary depending upon style
Check Copy Fee $2.00
Checking Corporate Draft Fee $2.00 per draft
Checking Temporary Checks Fee $2.00 per pack
Short Term Account Close Fee $15.00
(Within 12 months of opening)
Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)
ATM Withdrawal Fee $1.00 per withdrawal
(all WEOKIE, ATM Zone, 7-Eleven, and AllPoint ATMs are FREE.)
Account Research Fee $15.00 per half hour; $20.00 minimum
Statement Copy Fee $2.00 per copy
Items Sent for Collection Fee $10.00 per item
Money Order Fee $1.00 each. $1,000.00 max.
Wire Transfer Fee (Domestic) /Incoming or Outgoing $15.00 per transfer
Wire Transfer Fee (Foreign)/Incoming $15.00 per transfer
Hold Statement (Inactive Account) Fee $2.00 per cycle
Legal Process Fee $20.00
Verification of Deposit Fee $10.00
VISA Gift Cards/ Travel Cards $3.00/$5.00
Uncollected/Unavailable Funds (Any Type Item) $27.50
Escheatment Fee $50.00