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Allpoint Surcharge-free ATMs

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Your WEOKIE Debit Card can be used to access over 55,000 surcharge-free Allpoint Network ATMs worldwide.
Use the search field on the or map to zoom in to your desired location in order to view specific Allpoint ATMs.

What is the Allpoint Network?
The Allpoint Network is a surcharge-free network of ATMs with over 55,000 locations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom and Australia. Because METRO Federal Credit Union is a member of the Allpoint Network, these locations are surcharge-free to our cardholders.

Are there any fees for using Allpoint Network ATMs?
Allpoint ATMs are completely surcharge-free for Allpoint cardholders.

How can I find Allpoint ATMs?

Look for the Allpoint logo on the ATM!



Where can I find Allpoint Network ATMs?

It's easy to find an allpoint ATM. visit or download the allpoint app today. You can find Allpoint Network ATMs in 55,000 retail locations around the world, with 43,000 in the United States, including these retailers:

Target, Walgreens, CVS, Costco logos

ATM Zone Logo

Surcharge-free ATMs

In addition to WEOKIE ATMs, the following credit unions participate in ATM Zone and ATMs can be on a surcharge-free basis.

  • Allegiance Credit Union

  • Bison Federal Credit Union

  • Communication Federal Credit Union

  • Department of Public Safety Federal Credit Union (DPS)

  • True Sky Credit Unio

  • Municipal Employees Credit Union (ME/CU)

  • Muskogee Federal Credit Union

  • Oklahoma Central Credit Union

  • Oklahoma Educators Credit Union

  • Oklahoma's Credit Union (formerly known as Oklahoma Employees)

  • Bison Federal Credit Union

  • Oklahoma Federal Credit Union

  • OU Federal Credit Union

  • Red Crown Credit Union

  • Saint Francis Federal Credit Union Southwest Oklahoma Federal Credit Union

  • Tinker Federal Credit Union

  • TTCU Federal Credit Union (formerly known as Tulsa Teachers)

  • University & Community Federal Credit Union (UCFCU)

  • U.S. Employees O.C. Federal Credit Union

  • Western Sun Federal Credit Union (WSFCU)

OKC 7-Eleven ATMs


3200 Tinker Diagonal
4300 S Bryant
4309 SE 29th
4803 E Reno



1230 N Kelly
1430 E Danforth
325 E Ayers
112 S Bryant
1500 S Boulevard
1251 N Santa Fe
516 S Coltrane



7500 SE 15th 
1821 Air Depot
9535 NE 10th
8301 NE 10th
7005 NE 10th 
9925 SE 15th



926 SW 4th 
642 NW 12th 
1100 S 19th
1920 S Eastern
1041 NW 12th
1300 N Eastern



1711 W State Hwy 152



1333 E Lindsey
2361 E Alameda
3205 W Robinson
800 W Robinson
2400 36th Ave NW
2800 Chautauqua
2556 Classen
2401 N Porter
1201 NE 12th


3625 S Council
11930 S May
12201 W Reno
9120 N MacArthur
1401 E Memorial
2845 NW 10th
7216 N Western
415 N Rockwell
3245 NW Expressway
6609 W Wilshire
1640 SW 134th
8001 NW 23rd
4432 NW 63rd
1101 NW 10
12408 N Mustang
3645 NW 50th
2100 NW 122nd
6701 S Western
10501 W Hwy 66
7928 N May
16500 N May
1601 S Mustang
1301 SW 44th
2021 S MacArthur
8935 NW 10th
1520 SW 59th
500 SW 89th
7901 N Council
142 SE 44th
2901 SW 44th 
10901 N May
10444 S Pennsylvania
2400 N MacArthur
3200 N Classen
7424 S Walker
16500 N Western
12500 N MacArthur
921 SE 66th
3624 N Pennsylvania
1245 SW 29th
9416 S Western
1100 NW 108th
11231 N Rockwell
1628 N Rockwell
301 W Wilshire
12000 S Western
4700 N Western
2928 S Meridian
8930 S Sooner
2840 NW 59th
4840 NW 39th Expressway
1549 S Morgan
1701 N Meridian
6809 S May
4045 NW 39th Expressway
1040 SW 74th
7020 W Britton

OKLAHOMA CITY (continued)

9600 N Council
3641 NW 63rd
9001 S May
2323 N Pennsylvania
2314 N Portland
2017 S MacArthur
12300 N Pennsylvania
2912 NW 122nd
12237 N Council
1000 SE 15th
3000 S May Ave



9308 N Pennsylvania



6017 NW 63rd
5100 N MacArthur
5900 NW Expressway



601 S Ranchwood
600 W Vandament
1020 N Mustang

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