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WEOKIE refinanced my car, lowering my interest rate from 15.99% to 3.99%,  saving me more than $6,500 in interest.  - Kailey 

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Take the worry out of financing with WEOKIE auto loans, get a quick lending decision or lower your payments by refinancing an existing loan from another lender. Our team is here to help you find a great car, with a great loan to match. Make the smart choice and get a WEOKIE loan.


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Repos available with rates no higher than 4.99%

Loan rates capped at 4.99% APR, regardless of credit score or vehicle year.

Credit union-owned and other vehicles available for sale may be viewed at First Rate Autos. First Rate Autos is operated by WEOKIE and other local credit unions, offering affordable and quality repossessed vehicles to the public.   

WEOKIE offers 4.99% financing on all vehicles available at First Rate, regardless of credit history and model year. You might qualify for an even better rate, but it will never go above 4.99%.

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We've saved smart people thousands by refinancing

 Real stories of people that have made smart decisions! We've helped many save thousands of dollars by switching their auto loan to WEOKIE.

The best part...It's a quick and painless process you can start online.

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Steven came in wanting to get a signature loan for several expenses. We noticed he had an auto loan financed somewhere else.

We were able to refinance his auto loan and add the signature loan into it because he had equity in his auto.

We were able to lower his interest rate from 6.2% to 2.5% and since we added the signature loan, we saved him from getting a higher rate and two loans.

Steven ended up saving over $6,600.


Auto Loan Refinancing

Chance came into WEOKIE to refinance his vehicle loan. He was paying 20% interest through the dealer. 

WEOKIE was able to offer him our 1/2 off his first WEOKIE auto loan and lowered his interest rate to 3%. His monthly payments went from $419 a month to $274.

Over the life of the loan, Chance will save over $10,000.


Vehicle Loan Refinancing

We helped Kailey refinance her auto loan that she was paying 15.99%.

She was also able to lower her payments AND shorten the term of her loan.

WEOKIE was able to lower her interest rate to 3.99% saving her over $6,500 in interest.


Auto Loan Refinancing

Aileen & Todd came in to refinance their auto loan and were also hoping to pay off some credit card debt.

We were able to get them approved and used their auto as collateral and dropped their rate on the auto from 22% and the credit card interest rate at 21% down to one payment and a new rate of 2.99%.

Over the life of both loans, they will save over $3,500.


Credit Card & Auto Refinancing

Tina qualified for our 1/2 off her first auto loan at WEOKIE at a rate of 2.5% and refinanced her auto loan lowering her interest rate from 16.99%.

Tina saved over $6,800.


First Auto Loan

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We have a wealth of smart resources and services to save you money whether you're looking to purchase your first car or refinance an existing loan.

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WEOKIE Young couple member story     

 Morgan & Matt moved their auto loan to WEOKIE, lowering their monthly payment by $100 and saving them $13,000 in interest. 


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