Telephone Banking


Telephone Banking Instructions


1.  Enter your WEOKIE Account Number and press #. (Telephone Banking will ask you to confirm this number.)

2.  Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and press #. (This is the four digit number you chose when you signed up for Telephone Banking.) If you don't remember this number, you must reapply for a new number at any WEOKIE office.

3.  You will be given 3 options:  

  • Press 1 to perform transactions on your account.
  • Press 2 to make an inquiry.
  • Press 3 for current interest rates & general information.
  • Press 4 to check another account



  • Press # to repeat menu choices.
  • Press # to return to the previous menu.
  • When you enter dollars and cents or dates, do NOT use a decimal point. For example: $120.50 should be entered as 12050, and then press #.
  • To end your session, simply hang up the phone.
  • Your accounts are protected with maximum security. Only you know your PIN, and only that PIN can access your account.
  • You may transfer funds between accounts.
  • To locate your share and loan ID numbers, look at your monthly or quarterly statement. The two digit ID numbers are located above your transaction listing.

If you do not currently have Telephone Banking or cannot remember your Personal Identification Number (PIN), please contact us during normal business hours at 405-235-3030 or 800-678-5363 or at any location.

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