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          Paying Too Much For Your Auto Loan? Leverage These 3 Credit Union Services Right Now

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          Driving off the lot in a new vehicle can be a great feeling, but are you paying too much for your current auto loan?

          Over time, the realization begins to set in: this new car is costing way more each month than it should.  Every month you make a payment but the total amount owed never seems to get any smaller. 

          WEOKIE has a solution. We have three services that you need right now.


          WEOKIE has auto loan options for everyone, regardless of your situation or credit score.

          First-time buyers get the royal treatment. Everyone deserves a chance, and wed like to give you a good deal.

          If this is your first auto loan with WEOKIE, we offer some great deals. Refinancing is the number one way to save on an auto loan if you think youre overspending on interest rates.

          In fact, you can lower your monthly payments, reduce fees and shorten or extend your term length if you choose to refinance.

          After approval for refinancing, you can complete the process in a few short days.

          Even if you bought your car with the help of a dealership, you can always apply for refinancing. This is especially helpful if your credit has improved or the market interest rates have dropped!

          High-Yield Savings

          WEOKIE has several different types of savings accounts to keep your money safe and help it work for you including high-yield options, which means you can earn while you diligently put back.

          You can choose from simple accounts with no minimum to open, or money market options that help your money grow.

          With a savings account established, you can to leap into the refinancing process. Getting a better auto loan rate is fairly easy, but it may not happen overnight. It's going to take time, patience and persistence. Saving for a down payment can make the process easier.

          A savings account will give you breathing room in the budget to handle any unexpected expenses while still being able to make the monthly minimum payment.   

          Trusted Advisor

          If you feel that you are dumping more money into an auto loan, or just need help to get started, we have a team dedicated to getting you on the right track. Our trusted advisors are experienced in helping Oklahomans find financial stability.

          Gather your current loan information, no matter who they are with, and bring the information with you to visit us.  If you have a household budget, bring that too.  The more we understand your financial situation, the better we can serve you. 

          We’ll identify opportunities to save you money and help you take that next step towards financial freedom.

          While we want to discuss the options we can offer you here at WEOKIE, we know that you may not be ready to jump into something right away. Just because you are visiting us and sharing your financial story doesn't mean you are signing anything over to us. Just know that we are really excited to show you how WEOKIE can make a difference.

          Once we've decided on a course of action together, we'll help you get started. WEOKIE's trusted advisors are happy to guide you through the entire process.

          By working with our trusted advisors, we can help you find places where you can reduce spending. Extra money can be saved in one of our great, high-yield savings accounts.  We will also work with you to get a new loan that will get you back on track. 

          We have saved Oklahoma drivers thousands by refinancing their loans from other financial institutions and lowering their payments and rates. We want to help you save money too. 

          Before you start car shopping or talking to lenders, download our free workbook will help you calculate all the numbers you need to know. Itll save time through the entire vehicle buying process. If you have any questions on refinancing, call one of our trusted financial advisors at 405-235-3030 or 1(800) 678-5363.

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