WEOKIE Federal Credit Union By WEOKIE Federal Credit Union • September 25, 2020

How to Start a Savings Plan for Next Year

If we’ve learned anything in 2020 it’s that we can’t predict the future and unexpected changes can happen at any time. Having money put aside helps protect you in the case of a financial emergency or to simply save for life changing events. There’s no reason to be overwhelmed by the process of getting started with a savings plan. WEOKIE offers several savings options as well as trained advisors to help you get a savings plan in place for the New Year.

One of our best saving accounts here at WEOKIE is the We Care account. This account is designed to benefit both the health and financial well-being of the member. This is a high-yield savings account and wellness program that has some unique benefits compared to a regular savings account.

1. Earns Higher Interest
A higher yield is currently paid on balances up to $5,000. Amounts over $5,000 will be paid at standard savings. Check out our current rates.

2. FREE Financial Coaching and Online Courses
Check out our Money Matters Program to schedule a FREE Financial Coaching session with a WEOKIE representative to discuss your current situation, your personal needs and your financial goals.

3. FREE Norman Regional Virtual Care Visits
Life is always busy, so who needs the added stress of visiting a doctor when sick?  Receive TWO virtual visit reimbursements per calendar year when using your WEOKIE check card.

A great way to boost your savings even more is to sign up for the Round Up & Save program. When you use your WEOKIE debit card for transactions, the cents are automatically rounded up to the next dollar and placed in your WE Care savings account. It’s like throwing your spare change in a jar but so much easier!

Opening a savings account is a great place to get started on a savings strategy. Next steps might include the following:

  • Create a budget or a financial plan that works for you.
  • Work on cutting expenses.
  • Setup an automatic transfer of a dollar amount from your checking to your savings account.
  • Make sure you are checking your progress.

When starting on your savings journey it might be hard at first, but even saving a little here and there can go a long way in helping with any financial emergencies that could arise in the future. Give us a call at (405) 235-3030 or (800) 678-5363 to discuss and strategize your financial goals!


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